Ten Guilty Pleasures

Guilty Pleasures – We all have them.  They help us to unwind after a tough day,  they bring a small amount of joy to our otherwise mundane lives, and some even taste good.  Below are ten of my personal guilty pleasures.  What are some of yours?

1.  Cat Nap – there is nothing more refreshing than catching a few zzzzz’s on a cold dreary day.

2.  ID Network – I love true crime stories.  When there is nothing else on television my remote is always set to ID Network (Investigation Discovery).

a garnished crabcake.
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3.  Crab Cake Platter – My husband’s restaurant makes a killer crab cake platter.  Complete with broccoli salad and fries this is one fattening culinary delight.

4.  Coffee – There is always a fresh pot of warm coffee in the kitchen.  I could drink coffee 24/7.

 5.  80’s New Wave Music – From The Smiths to The Cure.  If it’s 80’s New Wave I am listening.  I especially love those one hit wonders!
6.  Facebook Games – I’ll admit I am one of those pests that beg my friends for gifts so I can complete the latest Pioneer Trail quest on Facebook.  My bad.

 7.  Reality TV – I have to carefully plan my television viewing each night so that I don’t miss a second of my favorite reality tv programs.  Some nights I even switch between 2 or more programs during commercials.  My favorite?  Big Brother hands down!

Prisoner (TV series)

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8.  Prisoner Cell Block H – My favorite television program of all time comes from down under.  This is the Australian cult classic soap opera that follows the lives of women that have been sentenced to Wentworth Detention Centre for thier crimes.  I own all 692 episodes on DVD and have watched them at least 4 times!

9.  Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwich with Chips – I do not mean a peanut butter and jelly sandwich with chips on the side.  I am talking about a peanut butter, jelly and potato chip sandwich.  The chips provide the sandwich with that extra salty crunch which I absolutely love!

10.  Indie Movies – I love indie movies.  The stranger the better.  I look forward to Friday nights to see what “new” indies movies are playing “On Demand”.  I have found several movies that I have added to my DVD collection over the years.  I have even opened up my mind to foreign films.  They are better than the current rubbish that is coming out of Hollywood these days.

So these are a few of my guilty pleasures.  I would be interested in hearing what some of your guilty pleasures are.


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