Holiday Fun

Last year my sister-in-law hosted a scavenger hunt as our Christmas activity.  About four weeks prior to Christmas we were given a list of items.  We were to take a photograph of the items on the list and present our slide show during our Christmas gathering.  My husband and I won the scavenger hunt.  Here are just a few of the photographs from our winning entry.

 Something alive that is naughty and nice
Red and green christmas treat
 Kiss Santa in Ravens wear.
 Christmas cards 
Something with a Reindeer
Holiday hat
A drink that will keep you warm on a cold winters night
Your toes in the spirit of the holidays
An empty wallet
 Christmas carolling
 Reindeer footprints
Batteries not included sticker
For this year’s activity we have each been given a styrofoam ball to decorate and exchange during our Christmas gathering.  I don’t have a clue what to do with my styrofoam ball.  All suggestions are welcome.

Trick or Treat!

Halloween is my favorite holiday of all time.  It is the one day of the year where you can dress up and be anything you want to be.  It is also an excuse to purchase massive bags of candy and eat all of the leftovers.  Make sure you buy the good stuff though.  You don’t want to be stuck with the nasty treats.


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In my experience as a child these were the treats that I would love to find in my goody bag.

  1. Candy bars – Especially Snickers or Butterfingers
  2. Sugar Daddies/Sugar Babies
  3. Bubble Gum – Bazooka Joe with the little comic inside
  4. Twizzlers – Cheery flavored
  5. Blow Pops – Any flavor
  6. Milk Duds

By sheer contrast these were the treats that I hated to find in my goody bag.

  1. Raisins/Raisinets
  2. Pennies – What would a kid buy anyway with a handful of pennies today?
  3. Hard Candy – Boring!
  4. Smarties
  5. Neapolitan Coconut Squares – All I can say is nasty!
  6. Pixie Sticks – Just like eating cleverly packaged kool aid mix
Twix bar Purchased March 2005 in Atlanta, GA, USA

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 Wishing everyone a safe and Happy Halloween and hoping you receive all of the treats you love in your goody bag!


Ten Guilty Pleasures

Guilty Pleasures – We all have them.  They help us to unwind after a tough day,  they bring a small amount of joy to our otherwise mundane lives, and some even taste good.  Below are ten of my personal guilty pleasures.  What are some of yours?

1.  Cat Nap – there is nothing more refreshing than catching a few zzzzz’s on a cold dreary day.

2.  ID Network – I love true crime stories.  When there is nothing else on television my remote is always set to ID Network (Investigation Discovery).

a garnished crabcake.
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3.  Crab Cake Platter – My husband’s restaurant makes a killer crab cake platter.  Complete with broccoli salad and fries this is one fattening culinary delight.

4.  Coffee – There is always a fresh pot of warm coffee in the kitchen.  I could drink coffee 24/7.

 5.  80’s New Wave Music – From The Smiths to The Cure.  If it’s 80’s New Wave I am listening.  I especially love those one hit wonders!
6.  Facebook Games – I’ll admit I am one of those pests that beg my friends for gifts so I can complete the latest Pioneer Trail quest on Facebook.  My bad.

 7.  Reality TV – I have to carefully plan my television viewing each night so that I don’t miss a second of my favorite reality tv programs.  Some nights I even switch between 2 or more programs during commercials.  My favorite?  Big Brother hands down!

Prisoner (TV series)

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8.  Prisoner Cell Block H – My favorite television program of all time comes from down under.  This is the Australian cult classic soap opera that follows the lives of women that have been sentenced to Wentworth Detention Centre for thier crimes.  I own all 692 episodes on DVD and have watched them at least 4 times!

9.  Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwich with Chips – I do not mean a peanut butter and jelly sandwich with chips on the side.  I am talking about a peanut butter, jelly and potato chip sandwich.  The chips provide the sandwich with that extra salty crunch which I absolutely love!

10.  Indie Movies – I love indie movies.  The stranger the better.  I look forward to Friday nights to see what “new” indies movies are playing “On Demand”.  I have found several movies that I have added to my DVD collection over the years.  I have even opened up my mind to foreign films.  They are better than the current rubbish that is coming out of Hollywood these days.

So these are a few of my guilty pleasures.  I would be interested in hearing what some of your guilty pleasures are.

Wuthering Heights

Oh distraught king of the moors
Your true love betrayed
Torn apart by blatant greed
You conspire your revenge.
Oh sorrowful queen of the moors
Your true love betrayed
His bitter heart lost to another
Your desire for life has ceased.
Sweet master of her soul
Her last breath taken in your arms.
Sweet mistress of his soul
Your wild heart has finally come to rest.
Tormented master of Wuthering Heights
Eternally haunted by love’s cruel wrath
Her lament beckoning you to her
Your tortured soul is forever free.

I Did it Segway

After walking the streets of Gettysburg for two days straight my feet felt like I had been walking over a bed of burning coals and we still had the battlefields to tour.  Scanning through the many brochures we had accumulated I turned to my husband and suggested the bus tour.  To my horror he replied “Why don’t we do the Segway tour?”

Immediately I began making excuses as to why we shouldn’t do the Segway tour; it cost too much, the weather is not conducive, we won’t have time to go to dinner.  The truth of the matter was is that I was slightly petrified at the thought of driving one of those things through the busy streets of Gettysburg.

After some gentle coaxing I finally agreed to do the Segway tour.  Upon entering the establishment to our left was a small obstacle course complete with ramps, hills, several twists and turns and of course the standard orange cones.  We were ushered into a screening room where we were fitted with a helmet and required to watch a safety video. 

When the video was complete the instructor asked if anyone was feeling particularly anxious.  Immediately I raised my hand.  As a reward I was invited to be the first person to conquer the obstacle course.  As I stepped up onto the Segway platform I found myself struggling to maintain my balance.  The instructor explained to me that I needed to relax, straighten up my body and let the Segway do all of the work.  To my surprise I found that I was able to maintain control of the Segway with minimal effort and after a few times around the track I was ready to go full speed ahead.  Feeling more confident than ever I could not wait to hit the busy streets of Gettysburg. 

Not only was the Segway fun it was educational too.  Each Segway was identified by the name of a horse that played a critical part in the civil war.  My Segway was named Old Fox.  This horse was ridden by Col. EG Skinner in the First Virginia Infantry. 

As we ventured out into the streets of Gettysburg my unfounded fears began to subside and I found myself enjoying the ride immensely.  With the wind whipping through my clothes and the rain drenching my hair we rode through the battlefields of Gettysburg at 12 mph stopping at various points of interests along the way.  After three hours the tour finally concluded and sadly Old Fox and I had to part ways.  We covered several miles together that day.  Miles that would have gone unexplored had we opted  for the bus tour. 

My new motto – It’s Segway or the highway!